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28/12/2012 · ช ดทดสอบ เปร ยบเท ยบความหน ดน ำม นเคร อง Honda 5W30 ก บ 0W20 Choosing the correct engine oil is critical to engine life with Pat Goss from Goss Garage – Duration: 8:24. Goss’ Garage 1,104,888 views

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This answer depends on the climate where you live. If you start your car with temperatures below about 50ºF, you will have much more engine wear on each start of the engine. If you are in a hot climate, there will be more wear, but not measurable.

Difference between 0w20 and 5w30 motor oil Motor oil is defined as a substance added with the various amount of additives with are used as lubrication for internal combustion engines. The sole purpose of motor oil is to reduce wear and tear, and friction from the

5w20 vs 5w30 which is better The formula of XwY in relation to automotive oils is centered around weight, and how smoothly the oil flows through the engine at different temperatures. Let’s take a look at when 5w20 is preferable, when 5w30 is preferable, and what the driving factors are that make one better than the other in certain situations.

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Synthetic engine oils are flexible, which means both 5w20 and 5w30 work equally well to protect your vehicle’s engine despite the climate. But if you still find yourself wondering which motor oil to choose between 5w20 vs 5w30, we recommend you go with 5w30.

21/5/2012 · Motor oil of 0W20 grade is supposed to be kind of like 5W20, but with better cold start performance in winter in colder climates. Once engine is warm, they should both flow like 20 grade oil. So we’re effectively down to 5W20 vs 5W30 discussion, of which there are

As for the 5w20 vs 5w30 oils, the choice lies in the weather that you experience. If you have slightly lower than average temperatures when it is hot, then you can go for the 5w20 oil. If, on the other hand, you live in an area with higher than average temperatures

26/3/2016 · 油電車會指定0w20那是因為大部份時間引擎都很少啟動,且一啟動就沒有熱車時間馬上走,電轉油時 所以油電車可以用相對5w30磨損高一點的0w20 很多人一看到磨損高,大概就嚇死了,我說的是相對性,沒有任何機油會讓引擎完全沒損磨的,差在磨多久和磨多少

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4/3/2018 · Will Synthetic Motor Oil Cause Engine Seal Leaks? Let’s find out! – Duration: 12:23. Project Farm Recommended for you

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15/11/2012 · 請教車友Mobil 1 0W20跟5W30 機油選擇(省油)小弟平常 大概10天跑3次高速公路(大概只跑來回80公里) 平常市區最近1000公里定保已經換了原廠機油 5W40想請教 如果省油的話 該選擇哪款呢!想更換 謝謝大家—–(Mazda 第1頁)

25/9/2013 · I just suddenly bought a 2013 CRV to replace a 1990 Accord. The documentation says engine oil should be 0W20. I have 5 liters of 5W30 that contains an additive I want to get in the engine. I bought it when I assumed the Accord would go for a few more years. The

17/9/2017 · Guys, I want your input about switching from 0w20 to 5w30. I have an EXT with mishimoto and custom tune 180whp 204torque. By the way I drove it pretty hard last month. Beating mustang v6, audi, 2 door bmw, accord sport, another 4 door audi, and infinity 2 door

5W30 vs. 5W40 When it comes to choosing between 5w30 and 5w40, many people prefer the former. This is because the 5w30 motor oil has a smooth effect on the oil pump and also a more suitable flow through the engine when hot. However, both these motor

When brand new, all three oils (0W-30, 5W-30, and 10W-30) should perform as though they were a “single weight – 30 weight – grade” oil at the fully warmed-up, operating temperature of your car’s motor. Historically – in the last 30 years – at oper

5w30 vs 10w40 motor oil What is the difference between 5w30 and 10w40 motor oil? The difference is in the viscosity of each at different temperatures. The numbers of the oils depicts their respective viscosities at low and high temperatures. The first number shows

這次參加實驗室橫評的,都是0W20或5W20 標號的 全合成 機油,通過正品渠道購買或者廠家直接提供等方式,絕對有正品保障,總共在市面上搜羅了27款油品。其中絕大部分都是世界有名有歷史的名牌機油,我們將這27款20號油品,分成了北美系、歐洲系以及

Meh, I doubt it would make much of a difference, and if there was I think itd be tough to measure. 5w30 does quite well, the higher specd 0w40 typically used in higher heat engines if im not mistaken. Personally, if OEM says 5w30 i wouldnt pay more for 0w40.

If you’re looking for real information about which oil is best for your car, 5w20 vs 5w30, you are in the right place. In this article we will break down what the numbers on the bottle of oil mean, whether your oil will improve your gas mileage and which one is best for

Motor Oil: 10W30 Vs. 5W30 by Kelley Boles When it comes to engine oils, you have a variety from which to choose. Which one of these varieties you choose to use is dependent on several factors such as driving conditions, external environment, the total Two

Whether a motor oil is a 5W-20, 5W-30, 10W-30, 0W-30, 10W-40 or 20W-50 (for racing and high performance applications in, for example, a Cobra R Mustang) or even a synthetic vs. a petroleum based oil will not affect warranty coverage.

The difference between 5W-20 and 5W-30 is that the lower viscosity in 5W-20 makes it a base stock oil that is very thin and geared toward winter use. In contrast, 5W-30 has more oil additives, as well as thicker base stock oil, making it a bit difficult to stay within

1/9/2014 · 0W20 Synthetic vs. 5W20 synthetic motor oil, what’s better? (2015, fuel, best) User Name Remember Me Password [] Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members – it’s free and quick! Some forums can only be seen by

When to Use 10w30 vs 5w30 The only difference between these two oils is cold flow ability: a 10w30 oil will move slower than a 5w30 oil during cold startups. At operating temperatures, both oils will have the same viscosity (30) and will flow and protect identically.

0W20 will give you slightly less wear at cold startup than 5W20. Since you have a hybrid, you may have more start cycles than most cars. I would stick with the 0W20, you can get it for cheaper than the $10 you got. I think that it’s around $7 usually.

Synthetic Winners: Amsoil Signature series 0W20 oil. That being said, I really like Redlines numbers for pour point numbers which I consider very important, especially for those that live in a colder climate. But especially with the $8.15/quart for Amsoil (through our

9/5/2014 · Really depends where you live. In warm States 5w30 is recommended. In the colder States 0w20 is recommended. I live in Pennsylvania so in my 010 corolla i use full synthetic 5w20. I know that doesnt make sense as im considered a cold weather State. But hell

2017-12-16 机油的5w20和5w30有什么区别? 2015-02-13 汽车机油5w40和20哪里不同哪个好? 2018-02-27 机油0W20与5W30有什么区别? 2018-01-09 机油0W20与5W30

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7/4/2014 · A friend of a friend is a pro BASS fisherman sponsored by CASTROL and gets a lot of free CASTROL EDGE motor oil. Part synthetic 5w30 only.Long story short, I’ve been given five, five quart bottles of the stuff. I’ve been offered a lot more. My 2010 Yaris calls for

25/7/2018 · 0w20. Between AFM, the variable displacement oil pump, more aggressive VVT and CAFE requirements, they switched to it. Run what it calls for. Different oiling requirements for similar engines. The LT1 and LT4 run 5w30 but their performance requirements set by

Get Difference Between 5w30 And 10w30 Oil Metasearch & Social Results Here. The difference between 10w-30 and 5w-30 oil is the thickness of the oil during cold weather conditions, 5w-30 being the thinner of the two and therefore recommended for colder

10/11/2014 · If you are talking about substituting Castrol for vegetable oil then I agree. If you are talking 5w30 for 0w30, then it’s absolutely fine. Both 0w30 and 5w30 edge are both LL-04 oils. It’s cheaper, and it doesn’t get burnt as quickly. Super piss thin oils are put in for one

: 最近看到 Costco 開始進 Mobile1 0W20,不知道就我們家的狀況, : 要繼續用MC3 5W30?還是換成 Mobile1 0W20 會比較合適? 不好意思借用標題問一下XD 1. 聽說Costco賣的Mobile 1 0W20跟Toyota原廠給油電車專用的0W20是同一罐?

In a the five-way 5w20 vs 5w30 vs 5w40 vs 10w30 vs 10w40 comparative review of motor oils with only the oil’s properties on the line, I can say that the 10w40 is the best. But when it comes to performance with respect to a vehicle, the results are inconclusive.

5w30 vs 10w30: What Oil Companies Don’t Tell You Article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. A quick stroll down the oil aisle at your favorite auto parts store can be overwhelming.

If you ad the 0w40 in your engine you will have greater pressure and the old 5w30 will float on the 0w40. That mean, But only a fool wouldn’t want to take advantage of the superior performance a radial tire has vs a bias-ply tire, like longer tire life, reduced costs

新車快要接近1萬KM 想自備機油回原廠保養 車型是focus 1.5T 上次1000km回廠 原廠推薦了5W20機油(目前用油) 對於機油的認識不深 剛剛小小爬文後 發現W後面的數字是以100 時的黏度來作測示、 數字愈大代

Single vs multiple viscosities Nowadays, it would be rare if you would see a 0w20 synthetic oil with a single viscosity label. It is very common now that these ratings come in codes such as the ‘0w20’, which generally indicates higher engine protection. Conclusion

Always keep in mind. the “w” in 0w20, 5w20, 5w30, 10w30, 0w30, etc does not mean weight. It means “winter” as in cold flow. All of this is fun, academically, but in the real world one can use a 5w20 even though a 0w20 is specified by the OEM because