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Remarks: The registered name of the stock certificate must be the same as the BOCI

For bill payments made to other merchant categories via Online Bill Payment, “JET Payment”, Octopus Automatic Add Value Service transactions, person to person (P2P) fund transfer via mobile device/app/electronic platform as well as retail transactions under

TELL ME ABOUT. BOCI Securities Limited Web Trading Service Why BOCI Securities Limited? What are the benefits of using BOCI Securities Limited? On which markets can I trade? What products can I trade online? How safe and secure is BOCI Securities

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Step 1) Logon to BOCI Online Securities Account Step 2) Click “ACCOUNTS” from the top menu bar Step 3) Click “Customer Service Platform” from the left menu bar to launch the Interactive Customer Service Platform. Online Enquiries

有關小心核對交易的提示 有關中銀銀聯雙幣鑽石卡「本地簽賬3X積分獎賞」完結通知 有關流動支付服務Google Pay提高系統要求通知 有關「中銀電子錢包-流動支付服務」服務終止通知 有關「信用卡功能提升 – 銀聯雙幣聯營卡及商務卡感應式支付功能」通知

Our comprehensive and user-friendly online services platform (“Online Services”) allows you to conveniently manage your BOC Credit Card/ BOC Express Cash Revolving Credit account online. Please register for or login Online Services by clicking the hyperlinks

Online Services

重要提示 客戶在登入網上銀行時,請注意登入版面有否出現任何異常情況(例如:不正常的彈出版面、視窗運作緩慢、重覆要求客戶輸入密碼等)。如有懷疑,切勿按照可疑網頁上的指示操作或輸入任何資料,並請即致電本行客戶服務熱線(852) 3988 2388。

有关中银信用卡(国际)有限公司网站地址更改的通知. 中银信用卡(国际)有限公司(「本公司」)为提升客户服务,由即日起

Online Services

Online service maybe affected during this period. Please contact your Relationship Manager or call (852) 2121 0088 for any assistance. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. *System maintenance schedule may be adjusted based on actual need without

Introduction of “Security Token” for ultimate protection of your online payment The new BOC Credit Card Verified By VISA and MasterCard SecureCode “One Time Password” Online Security Service is your latest protection for online purchases Enjoy the

Online Security How to protect your online transactions? Please click here. First Time Login or Registration You may register Internet Banking service using your savings / current account, credit card account, Internet / Phone Banking account, Telephone Investment

Established on 1 October 2001, Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited (referred to as Bank of China (Hong Kong) or BOCHK) is a locally incorporated licensed bank. Bank of China (Hong Kong) is a leading listed commercial banking group in Hong Kong in terms of


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BOCI-Prudential won eight accolades at the 2019 MPF Awards BOCI-Prudential won “Hong Kong Leaders’ Choice – Excellent Brand of MPF Online Platform” for the fourth consecutive year Read More

忘記登入名稱或密碼: 如 閣下忘記網上銀行登入名稱或密碼,請親臨所屬銀行之任何一間分行辦理補發手續;如 閣下忘記中銀信用卡網上服務登入名稱或密碼,請致電中銀信用卡24小時客戶服務熱線(852) 2853 8828查詢有關手續。


BOC Credit Card Online Merchant Service, which provides a variety of online enquiry services and account management support for retail enterprises, efficiently assists merchants with fast and convenient daily-operation management and comprehensive wealth

BOCI-Prudential believes that people are our key sustainable competitive advantage. Our business is conducted in an amicable atmosphere of trust and teamwork. The future growth of our business rested upon the dedicated contribution that our talented professionals made today, and that we can deliver a service that can meet or exceed the expectation of our customers, both internally and externally.

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You are reminded NOT to login Online Banking Service through hyperlinks embedded in any e-mails. Our Bank will not ask for your A/C No., password or any personal info

BOCI Securities Limited use of “cookies” is intended to safeguard your account confidentiality and security, and to make site navigation and retrieval of customized information easier, more efficient and more convenient. BOCI Securities Limited will not implant

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Online Services Security Tips Be alert when using our online services. When using our online services, you are advised to type our website address directly into the browser address bar, or use our mobile application “BOCPT MPF” downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

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BOCI helped Haitong UniTrust International Leasing Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange 中银国际揽获“2019年飞亚奖香港金融机构评选”两项殊荣 中银国际谨祝全天下母亲节日快乐!

#以上資料僅供參考,並不構成及不應被視作任何有關購買保單的專業意見。如欲進行詳細的理財需要分析,請與我們或您的專業顧問聯絡。 自願醫保產品提供者編號:00026 (由2019年2月28日起生效) 註: 與本站連結之其他網站可能載有未經香港證券及期貨

Want to know more about our investment services, or simply share your opinion? At BOCI-Prudential, our customers come first. Please take a moment to fill in the form below in order to allow us to serve you better. A red asterisk ( * ) denotes a mandatory field.

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Important Reminder Customers are reminded to stay vigilant to anything abnormal when logging into the Internet Banking service (e.g. unusual pop-up screens, unusually slow browser response, multiple requests for password input etc.). In case of doubt, please do

Submit Back * Please refer to the Account Opening Notification Letter ** Please enter the Certificate of Incorporation Number if you are corporate client or Identity Card Number

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BOCI-Prudential Asset Management Limited and BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited provide you a one-stop MPF service solution, which includes investment management, trustee, custody and administration in order to meet different needs of employers and

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立即登記 簡易方便 中國銀行(香港)及集友銀行為尊貴的工商客戶提供全面便捷的網上銀行服務 -「中銀企業網上銀行」。登記手續簡易,請即致電客戶服務熱線(852) 3988 2288。

A primary responsibility of the SFC is investor education. To that end, they have produced a series of brochures to bring to your attention some of the issues you should consider when deciding to invest. In addition to creating brochures, the SFC has cooperated with