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21/8/2017 · I review an AIO by Silverstone. The Silverstone TD-02 Slim all in one liquid cooler has always been on my interest list and I finally had an opportunity to try it out. Over the last few months I have been playing with hardware and

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Based on the excellent RAVEN Z RVZ02 chassis, the Milo ML08 is a super slim Mini-ITX console case with highly capable accommodations. With a volume of only 12 liters, this case is small yet easy to assemble when compared to other slim cases in the same

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22/3/2016 · The ITX form factor, once the redheaded step child of the motherboard has become a crowd favorite. This could be for many reasons, the growth of popularity with LAN parties, users realizing they do not need massive towers to house their single GPU configs or simply they love the compact style

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29/11/2016 · Today’s video the continuation of the 2 part video build series, sorry for late upload. Enjoy and please subscribe. Watch the part 1 of Build introduction he

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Silverstone has sent us the ML08 for review. While we got the variant with a solid side panel, those who want to show off their GPU may grab a windowed version. You may also choose between variants without handles or ones that ship with the extra part right

Forgive me if I’m posting this incorrectly, this is my first build log. Introduction Hello, I have been lurking the Silverstone Raven RVZ01 / RVZ02 / ML07 / ML08 / FTZ01 Owners Club for quite a while, and probably have read a majority of that thread. I’ve always had a

1/2/2017 · Intel i7 6700 3.6Ghz Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 Founder Asus Gaming Pro Z170 ITX PNY Anarchy 16GB 2400Mhz Samsung EVO 1TB Western Digital Blue 6TB Silverstone SFX 500watt ITX Fractal Design Node 202.

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21/3/2016 · In addition to the ML08, Silverstone provided us with one of their SFX-L PSUs and one of their low profile CPU coolers. Why? Well, Silverstone has done a fantastic job of creating series of products that all compliment each other. To begin installing components into the

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7/2/2017 · Mini ITX GPZ Build – Raven RVZ02, I7 7700K, GTX 1080, M.2 SSD – GPZ Informática – Duration: 13:37. GPZ Informática 29,073 views

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Well, to start, there is very little to criticize about the Silverstone Milo ML08. It comes in at an appropriate price tag and delivers on all the bullet points mentioned in its marketing materials. So right of the bat, it is easily recommendable. In addition to the great use of

The Milo ML08 is a slim Mini-ITX console case based on the superb RAVEN Z RVZ02 chassis,with great accommodations.This small yet easy to assemble case has but 12 liters of volume but yet has room for graphic cards up to 13 inches, as compared to other

For the most part this endeavour didn’t require that much modifaction of the ML08 but more complete fabrication of the front panel. The Arduino, logic board bracket, usb io to type-a plugs, and custom 24pin cable were purely for the function of the egpu logic board.

21/3/2016 · The ML08’s small frame at only 380mm (W) x 87mm (H) x 370mm (D), make it an ideal LAN party rig and its minimalist exterior let it fit into any home theater set up. At first glance, the front panel seems bare other than the slim SATA location, which is almost invisible and sunken into the recessed

My latest mod is the fan of the SX500-LG power supply. I’ve linked my IMGUR album on this post. This PSU has a lot of online reports of the fan giving a grinding or wobbling sound after load. The only solution was to change the fan. Fortunately there exists a

The ML08 comes with a number of odds and ends including the standard packet of screws and zip ties, riser cards for the GPU, a pair of feet and a set of rubber cushions to stabilize the case depending on orientation, a face plate for an optical drive, two plastic

Due to the fact that the ML08 comes with no active cooling aside from those of installed component, these large openings will eliminate any issues as all cooling bits are very close to the chassis’ surface. You may pull each of the covers off for easy cleaning.

After introducing the RAVEN Z series in 2014 to great acclaim with the revolutionary RVZ01, the RAVEN team has created another segment defining design in the RVZ02. With a volume of only 12 liters, this case is not only slimmer but is actually easier to

21/3/2016 · To truly test the portability of the Silverstone ML08, I took my system that I use to travel with and installed the components. The ITX form factor has a reputation of being difficult to work with. However, I found that the ML08 was relatively easy to install in compared to the traditional box style

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Packaging The Silverstone Milo ML08 ships in a compact, brown cardboard box. On its front is an image of the chassis alongside its model name. Turning the box around, there is another image right next to the container’s number. Silverstone placed the details of

8/2/2016 · Hey guys, Im new here but just wanted to share with you my cooling mod with the new RVZ02/ML08 chassis. As we all know, silverstone suffered a sudden rush of shit to the brain and forgot that GPUs make heat. So I have addressed the exhaust issue and it’s

With everything back in place and the grip attached, the Silverstone Milo ML08 makes a really good impression. It actually looks quite menacing and should really turn some heads if you end up walking into the next LAN Party with what essentially looks like a

I am trying to find a nice ultra-portable case for a new mini-ITX gaming build. My favourite case by far is the DAN Case, but I don’t want to wait until next January to get one. My next favourite options are the slim console-lookalike cases, like the ML08, Node 202

Node 202 vs ML08? submitted 3 years ago by chughes13x It’s come down to these two cases for my upcoming mITX build and I have every part needed but the case. I’m just looking for everyone’s opinion as to which I should go for

SilverStone ML08 Mini-ITX Slim Case Review News 27th November 2015 SilverStone ML08 Mini-ITX Slim Case Review Hot on the heels of Benchmark Review’s look at the Fortress FTZ01, SilverStone sent over their latest iteration of the mini-ITX “Z” chassis.

Your post has gotten me interested in this case again. I had been waiting for this (the ML08 specifically) to come out for my build, but after comparing the size difference and thinking that I would get less drive space than the older generation cases, I decided to

in order to get any smaller, they would have had to either gone with low profile gpus, which would have severely limited gpu choice. (gt 650 or amd r7 250,vs 780ti/r9 280x/geforce 690 in the current design) or they would have had to go with a proprietary psu, perhaps

[Build Complete] Big Power, small package. Milo ML08 (self.buildapc) submitted 3 years ago by Dominathan I couldn’t wait for this case, but honestly, after seeing it on Newegg (after I bought it), I knew I may be a little disappointed. Thought the middle cover

Produktinformationen – SST-ML08B-H USB3.0 Milo HTPC Gehäuse – schwarz Hi-Fi, Video- und PC-Technik verschmelzen zunehmend miteinander. Im Zuge dieser Entwicklung wandert der Computer auch ins Wohnzimmer und fungiert dort als Multimedia-Zentrale.

目前這咖已經有不少先輩開箱過,因此獻醜PO文心得一下 1.如果選擇ATX-PSU,會遮蔽掉硬碟架與顯卡最大延伸長度,因此已決定為SFX 2.顯卡已抓定至少要能堆動300w,因此直接考慮各廠牌SFX-600瓦系列 3.CPU散熱器則是東問西喬,因個人因素不考慮上水冷(你沒

22/9/2019 · 繼上一次ml08開完箱之後,個fb覺得隻箱幾好,但又嫌外型好似太簡單咁同唔鍾意個手挽,於是距就買左隻同ml08內籠一樣既RVZ02,咁我梗係第一時間問距攞黎開箱喇

7/8/2018 · My case of choice is the Milo ml08 from Silverstone, and my CPU of choice is the Ryzen 2700x with a TDP of 95w, so a reasonable amount of cooling may be needed. The specs say that there’s 58mm head room for the CPU cooler, though in reality, as per my

28/10/2019 · 版塊介紹: 整台及內置式硬件/手提電腦 /平板電腦(包括含SIM 咭通話功能) /伺服器 /NAS 版主: AndyWilliams, 大教宗, michaelyung

银欣ML08和RVZ02小乌鸦也被展示了出来,而且是最终定稿机型!另外我们问及具体发布时间,官方给出的时间是2015年的7月中旬,同样率先会在6月COMPUTEX 2015展会上亮相。 好,接下来我们就来看看银欣ML08和RVZ02小乌鸦,卡看第二代小乌鸦给力不!

13/7/2016 · 关于机箱,一直有关注ITX,看了很久,挑出了两个:银欣ML08B和Node202 Slim,比较喜欢这种结构,加上机箱位比较窄,只能塞下比较扁的机箱,所以只能放弃小胖子了。因为银欣这款可以通过改装的办法塞入3.5寸硬盘,稍微宽了一点可以用比较好的散热器

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23/9/2019 · ML08 Hover Pilder Magnetic Levitating Version, Mazinger ZFeatures:– Length: about 14cm long– Hover Pilder with Light Up function– Rotating propellers on Kids Logic : 磁浮版 ML08 朋友号 ,78动漫论坛 模型论坛

> Re: lzw comprest tiff files and the pt 2.6.ML08 mod form Max Lyons – Max Lyons – 2003-06-04 02:30:58 I assume that it ought to be possible, but haven’t spent any more time examining it. If you need to compress the TIFF files that are output from Panorama

刚说完小乌鸦第二代,接下来看看长的很像的ML08!这货同于RAVEN Z RVZ02的优秀机身结构,银欣米罗ML08是一台拥有强大内装能力的超薄型Mini-ITX家用主机机箱,可以当做是HTPC机箱。在仅有12公升的体积下,相较同级的薄型机箱不但更小,也更加容易

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