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4/2/2019 · AWM, AUG, GROZA, FLARE GUN IN THE SAME GAME | PUBG MOBILE HIGHLIGHT The RawKnee Games Loading Unsubscribe from The RawKnee Games? Cancel Unsubscribe Working Subscribe Subscribed

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13/7/2019 · GROZA + AUG IS BROKEN? | 27 KILLS SOLO | PUBG Mobile Here you have me using 2 of the most rare weapons in pubgm as a combo! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM

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16/8/2019 · İki farklı ikili vardı karşımda. İkisi de muazzam silahlar. Neredeyse en iyi silahlar bunlar. Siz olsaydınız, Pugb Mobile ‘da bu iki silahtan hangisini tercih ederdiniz? En iyisi hangisi? MK14 – GROZA vs AUG – M24 İletişim: İnstagram

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Update #31 (Season 4 – Update 4.1) Reduced base damage of AKM and Groza from 49 to 47. Update #12 – v3.8.21.9 Rebalanced AR’s so none is the “objective” best—the power differential between each is now reduced, but each brings advantages to different

Body Hit Impact Power: 10,000
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23/9/2018 · In this video, I will show you guys which gun is best, Aug A3 or Groza. we will compare these guns in : 1. Capacity 2. Recoil 3. Firing Speed 4. Range 5. Sou

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6/8/2019 · PUBG Mobile groza ve aug ile erangel haritası ‘nda oynadım aug + groza ile oynayarak 1. oldum pubg mobile eğlence modu nda oynadım bence güzel bir video oldu PUBG Mobile groza ve aug ile erangel haritası ‘nda oynadım aug + groza

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9/4/2018 · Groza vs aug best assault rifle for pubg mobile Amazing guns at DIFFERENT ranges. Hit like and subscribe for more comparisons. Best groza gun guide at different scopes. Best aug gun guide at different scopes THIS IS THE BEST COMPARISION VIDEO OF BEST assault rifleS OUT THERE. THIS video id all about GROZA

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20/4/2019 · Merhaba Arkadaşlar Ben Yasin Hedefimde İyi Bir Youtuber Olmak Var Amatör Video Çekiyor Olabilirim Ancak Desteklerinizi Bekliyorum Kendinize İyi Bakın İyi Günler.

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21/7/2018 · Coba Senjata GROZA di PUBG Mobile – AKM VS GROZA PUBG MOBILE ! Senjata Rifle Tersakit – Duration: 10:27. Fiqi Amd Recommended for you


12/5/2018 · The Aug is a monster. Much tighter bullet spread as well. Bad ass in CQC and range. Nothing’s better than a suppressed groza tho. They need to add another 762 AR that’s not a DM freakin R. They need another auto firing AR. Either put the groza in world and

The groza is a 7.62 laser beam, have only had the aug twice and unfortunately died before getting to use it. Are they effective outside of ump range?The AUG should be a pickup in its current state not a crate drop. If you have an M4 you shouldn’t drop it for an AUG in any situation imo. The GrozI’ve never come across an AUG and truly thought it was a crate drop onlyI do believe it is crate only.The groza is like an akm on steroids. Fastest time to kill of any ar if you hit your shots. However that’s only easy to do at close to medium rangewith the exception of the M249 and the AWM I’ve been disappointed with the crate weapons. I’d love to see most of them as rare spawns.I don’t even bother with crates. The loot as a whole from them is disappointing and not worth the headache it takes to go after them. IMO the onlyOnly had the Aug once and I do perfer a m416 to it but I’ve used the groza many times and for close to med range it’s a monsterThink I’ve gone for a crate once and that’s because it was on my way to a circle. Otherwise they always land too far out of my way and don’t want tI’d say its pretty effective *The Aug that is

Summary The AUG A3 (Armee-Universal-Gewehr—A3), an air drop-only weapon, and for good reason – its exceptional handling and high muzzle velocity make it a highly sought after weapon for anyone fortunate enough to come across a crate and get away with its

【PUBG】「Groza(グローザ)にサプレッサーを装着すると反動が増える?」実際に検証してみました! 更新日: 08/24/2017 はじめに groza のサプレッサーあり無しの反動を検証して欲しいです。噂によるとサプレッサーありだと弱くなるとの事を聞いたので

Groza vs aug best assault rifle for pubg mobile Amazing guns at DIFFERENT ranges. Hit like and subscribe for more comparisons. Best groza gun guide at different scopes. Groza can use in long range too with single mode and a 6x scope. Can deal high

【PUBGモバイル】AUGの評価・おすすめアタッチメント 1-8. では、Grozaの弱点は何?射撃時に 画面が異様にブレる ことです。それ以外の目立った弱点は見つかりませんが、安定性(画面のブレ)は他の 5.56mm 弾の AR の方が優れています。


25/6/2018 · 和平精英空投武器是玩家们比较追求的,其中也有两把步枪AUG和GROZA也是突击手们比较喜爱的,那么AUG和GROZA哪个厉害呢?下面小编来给大家分析一下。 根据手游助手上的数据显示,GROZA的伤害与AKM一致,是全自动步枪中最高的

【PUBG】「AUG-A3がリコイル最強の銃に?M16A4のリコイルは酷すぎる??」全てのアサルトライフルのリコイルを比較!! 4 【PUBGモバイル】「DPがPCだと使い物にならんのに、スマホだと反動バグレベルで無いの草生える」PC版との違いってどれくらい

M416とAUGを比較してみたよ! 2: 海外のパブジープレイヤー (動画内0:27~) 最初のテストはフルオートのリコイルテストだよ。 フルオートを5回ずつ撃って検証したよ。 共通するアタッチメントはコンペンセイターとアングルフォアグリップだよ。

GROZA是空投补给箱中唯一的步枪,装填7.62mm子弹,拥有惊人的射速与威力,下面跟随小编来看看这把空投步枪的强大之处。 基本属性与AKM相比较 基本属性方面几乎除了射击间隔外都与AKM没有差别,同样的48点的基础伤害

Summary Assault Rifles are weapons with medium-high ammo capacity and the ability to place a lot of rounds downrange quickly. While they don’t boast the ammo limit of Light Machine Guns, they trade it for a much higher accuracy. Similarly, there is a trade-off


【PUBG】「AUG-A3がリコイル最強の銃に?M16A4のリコイルは酷すぎる??」全てのアサルトライフルのリコイルを比較!! 4 【PUBGモバイル】「DPがPC だと使い物にならんのに、スマホだと反動バグレベルで無いの草生える」PC版との違いってどれくらい

GROZA has a heavy recoil, is difficult to control at mid-to-far-range so it is not suggested to use it as a long-range weapon. GROZA Skins Browse & View Inspect all GROZA skins in PUBG Mobile here: × Click on the skin image to view it in full size.

【PUBG】「AUG-A3がリコイル最強の銃に?M16A4のリコイルは酷すぎる??」全てのアサルトライフルのリコイルを比較!! 4 【PUBGモバイル】「DPがPCだと使い物にならんのに、スマホだと反動バグレベルで無いの草生える」PC版との違いってどれくらい

【PUBG】「AUG A3って他の5.56mm 弾の銃と威力は一緒なの?」テストサーバーのスクリーンショットを使って他の銃と比較してみました M416と比べ連射速度は落ちていますが、とても安定して誰でも使いやすい5.56mm版Groza

Lets compare both weapons on basis of their caliber,rate of fire,damage ,sound produced during firing and stability. So let’s start with AUG A3 *Caliber*-5.56 *Rate of fire*-desent rate of fire *Damage *- as it uses lesser caliber bullet i.e 5.56

【PUBG】「AUG-A3がリコイル最強の銃に?M16A4 のリコイルは酷すぎる??」全てのアサルトライフルのリコイルを比較 M416とSCAR-L、AKMとGROZAは似ていますが、M16A4 はとても酷いリコイルをしています 6 : 海外のPUBGプレイヤーさん : ID

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS(PUBG)のGrozaの武器性能一覧です。威力、弾速、アタッチメント、部位ごとのダメージ量、おすすめ評価、Grozaの使用感などを紹介してい

AUG A3の小ネタ † オーストリア製のアサルトライフルで、オーストリア軍向けに開発した。 AUGは(Armee Universal Gewehr:軍用汎用小銃)の略。 非常に独特なデザインで、フルパップ方式というマガジンや動作機関が引き金より前にある。

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8×8 km island to be the lone survivor. This is Battle Royale.

The following are the known statistics for all the weapons in PLAYERUKNOWN’s BATTLEGROUNDS. Note: Since Bluehole doesn’t release the official weapon values of guns, no website has 100% accurate statistics for weapons. Each website relies on hundreds of

I’ve only had the pleasure to grab an AUG a few times in game, the only time I’ve gotten to use the groza is in the pregame lobby.

Grozaの考察 † おすすめ度: S 補給物資でのみ入手可能。 入手方法が難しいだけあって、ほかのアサルトライフルよりも頭一つ秀でた性能を持っている。 反動が少なく、連射速度が最速。 かなり離れた距離にいる相手にもオートモードで狙えるほど

【PUBGモバイル】今使えないアタッチメントも拾っておくべき?4. AUGはどんな距離で有利?AUG を使う際におすすめしたい敵との距離を紹介しておきます。4-1. 有利な距離は?近距離〜中距離での戦闘 で広く使えます。

AUG A3 – Stats, Best Attachments & Tips AWM – Stats, Best Attachments & Tips M24 – Stats, Best Attachments & Tips Find out all stats and tips to know for GROZA in PUBG Mobile. Featuring GROZA’s stats, best attachments and many more! Table of

Groza dan AUG A3 adalah senjata favorit untuk banyak para pemain PUBG terutama yang suka menggunakan Assault Rifle dan juga pertarungan jarak dekat. Kedua senjata ini selalu dibanding-bandingkan satu sama lain oleh para penggemarnya karena memiliki persamaan yaitu hanya bisa diperoleh dari air loot .

補給物資限定で入手することは非常に難しい。 しかしそれに見合うだけの性能は持っている。 戦闘力はAKMと同じ48でその他のARの戦闘力41より7高く設定されている。 さらに連射速度はARの中では最も高く近距離での撃ち合いに非常に強い。

[PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG] Groza Assault Rifle Guide August 2, 2017 Wolf Knight PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds / PUBG 0 This page contains a strategy guide on how to use the Groza assault rifle, including stats, advantages and disadvantages, recommended attachments and mods, current tier, and tips and tricks on how to use the weapon effectively.

25/5/2018 · I just wanted to put this out there, but I think the AUG should be an uncommon drop that doesnt just spawn in crates. Its a great gun, but not care randomly care package worthy and a gun that more people would like to use more often than not. I think the Groza

I would have been ok with the Groza in the world, but we got the beryl. I’m happy with the additional full auto 7.62. Still, with a few tweaks we could have the Groza (and the Aug) as a rare world spawn and get some additional crate weapons in their stead.